Thursday, March 17, 2011

this Is ThE dAY !! ;D

Holla !! ;D i feel like im da one person in da world that is veryvery impatiently person !!! coxx i WANNA GO OUT WITH MY BFF !! :D me,wanni,dbah,alin n mur other frenxx !! our plan was like this; firstly, we will go to movie then go to lunch,bowling n window shopping !! i can't wait anymur !! :D
 n 2day to,, i will use my new vanilla perfume n new FLIPPER (red+black colour) but da sad thing is,, i lost my purse .. n in my purse have many kind of private stuff !!! shit !! but, its okk .. juxx be relax.. relax girl .. so,, later dun kabotkabot ok ?? hahahahh !! its nice to be smile girl !! :D

                                           OKK !! BYEBYE !! ;D


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