Friday, May 6, 2011

im happy

im happy ! thats all ! first;
                          - i got recover from my love sickness
                          - i dunn have to think bout love anymur
                          - new phone : corby wifi
                          - new purse : bum equipment
                          - new handbag
                          - new flat shoe
                          - new shade :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

cuti !! :DD

heyyow !! guest what man ?! im choo eppy coxx today i x g skolah !! yeah !! cuti coxx ade ERT.. arhh soo boring !! pluss actually x ciap keje !! haha !! sorry PN. NORIANA !! :DD hahaha !! plus,, td bly purse bru kat sogo !! bum equipment !! da colour was like creamy sumthin.. (Y) buibui !!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


heyyow !! im choo eppy today coxx tomorrow nyte wanni will cum back to malaysia !! yeah !! mybe next monday im not sit at dyg o' danie place anymur !! yeah !! plus,, im excited !! cosh she promised to bring my london t-shirt o' chocolate !! yeay !! :DD btw,, i wish u n ur family will safely arrived !! Amin !! :DD

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gud nyte with tears; Gud murning with fake smile

Hey ! From da title i know u must think im sad.. Yaa actually.. So can u plixx feel sorry fer me ?? Of course u can.. Ngee !! :DD jk.. Fyi,,everything here was a true story..idunn have many time to make up a story.. So believe me.. N yaa every nyte i close my small eyes with tears drops.. N open it with a veryvery fake smile n happiness.. No budy know that actually im hurting..coxx of that fake smile.. Wanna say bunch of tqxx to my veryvery 'beautiful'fake smile.. :P okk.. Mybe thats all fer today.. C u ltr.. Nyte.. P/s; dun close ur beautiful eyes with tears drops k ?? But with a truly smile.. :))

Friday, April 15, 2011

result !!

i dunno what to say at first.. but juxx wanna say that I GOT NUM 9 in da class !! totally bad.. 9/37..
 shyt !! bru top ten !! nak top 5 !! okk !! thats all !! btw,, gud nyte !! :DD have a sweet dream..


sorry coxx a long time not update.. actually i have a lot of problem .. n all that coxx of LOVE.. i know what u were thinking.. u must thinking that i have a boyfie. yaa but that was before this laa.. in fact everyone was thinking the bad thing.. actually love is juxx not fer boyfie/girlfie.. but,, fer everyone.. i luv u too.. coxx willing to spend ur time to read this kind of junk !! we can share it with everyone..anyone.. juxx pick it..whether u want it or not.. lately,, i was do sumthing damn in my sweety 2011.. from last yr i was like alone.. n thinking from that second I WAS A FOREVER ALONE LIL GIRL.. but not till 14-01-11.. KIMIZ 140111 till 310311..
it was a sweet num ryte? haha.. n now it juxx a MEMORY TO REMEMBER..sumtimes when i think back the memory,, i was happy but then i was crying coxx thinking how happy u r now.. with alyssa..wanna say congrats to them.. AMMARALYSSA.. hope longer than kimiz o forever.. hope so..stop talking about them!! it makes me mur hurt.. but this fer da girl out there;
 N THATS WHY LOVE IS EVERYTHING.. EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD NEEDS LOVE.. coxx love can wake up us from bed, recover our sickness BUT sumtimes love is poison.. love too can make us moody,weak,angau n many kind of that..

            *sum love is positive n sum love is negative..*

n this from my sis,TISYA ANWAR.. 

                       Girl,always remember this;
                                         when u break up with sumone,, there must be waiting.. so,dun feel sad o' blame ur self about this damn stupido thing.. ALWAYS STRONG !! juxx face da world n go on with da life.. in this earth,,ALLAH created a lot of people..u only need to choose which one u want
n as long as he/she is suitable with u.. one mur thing!!
          Girl,, dun be sad,, be happy n let it go.. juxx let him go with his love even ur love is still flowing fer him.. dun show off ur jealous but show ur happiness *even it was a fake* ONLY THAT !!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

ayam penyet to mee sup penyet !!

holla !! did u see da pic ?? of course u r .. okk !! da story line was like this;

             my dad xde g labuan so juxx ade umi,wan,angah,iman,alon.. ktorang plan mlm tuhh nak g mkn kat ayan penyet mne tahh .. then,, otw nak naek duke,, tettibe krete stop kat tgh jln .. all like panic then org tue msti lah panic die lebih ann ?? so,, umi+wan panic.. angah amek phone die yg ade lampu o whatever tuhh then bkk atap kat atas n wat pe tah.. umi call ayah(ayah sedare) then die ckp kat mne ?? umi ckp kat depan bukit antarabangse n atas duke highway.. dah lah kat bukit antarebangse tuhh ade 'sumthing' .. so,, ayah srohh ttp engine pe smue.. then jln pelahan-lahanke depan n carek tmpt yg terang.. coxx, ktorang ramai pompuan.. then carek tmpt mkn .. so, thats why da title is aym penyet to mee supp penyet ..

hangout !! ;D

holla !! today is awesome+enjoyable day !! wanna say tqxx to all my fren (INCLUDE DA SHY BOY) n ......... .. tqxx ehh ?? hahahaha !! 
 firstly, kimiz+darwinie only(time tgk movie) but then ade dbah+alin kat AP 

da journey was like this;
firstly plan smue kumpul kat bus stop emerald then g samesame..but lastly movie lmbt sket .. so,, me+wanni g dlu.. ktorang bly tickets n while waiting fer them ktorang maen game.. n nak dekat kol 1200 ktorang g kat lif yg drng sroh tunngu .. n while waiting fer drng gak ktorang mkn chocolate mint.. suddenly, ammar kua dr lif then darwish.. smue camm malumalu abexx.. mybe coxx, dah lame x jmpe kowt ..then 1210 sumthing ktorang bly popcorn n other stuff.. ktorang pown msk then carek bilek num 4.. entah kat lombong mne drng letak ktorang .. then dok ape smue but salah tmpt..actually kitaorang 4 keluar but dawiss jalan mmang laju dye terus msuk hujung sekali maknanya kitaorang duduk 4,, b4 movie start ktorang tkr lah tmpt.. BIG MOMMAS LIKE FATHER,, LIKE SON pon start.. lawak gler n ade satu part *******.. then darwish ckp,," dah lah tuhh !!" plus, seriously SEJUK !! smpi menggegexx !! so,, movie dah abexx ktorang g ladiexx !! btl ann ape smue !!  then tron pstu tros carek taxi tokxx g AP .. total rm4.00.. then time naek jejantas eh ?? (i dun rmmbr what its call) tersrempak ngan fasha sandha n mybe with her PA .. then kat dlm AP nmpk dba kat guardian .. so, die ckp "krng g lah mkn dlu ..ktorang dah mkn.." so,, boyxx bly apple pie gurlxx bly mcflurry oreo only !! then naek escalator g bowling !! seriously,, BEXX GILER !!
ade part tuhh dpt strike !! yeah man !! ahhah !! 3 game !! n while maen bowling ktorang pown beli lah waffle+mineral water n sumthing !! while maen bowling ade srngxx nieyh merengek nak g BRANDS OUTLET !! cam bdk kechik !! :P then game abexx kol 1700.. b4 tron ktorang g toilet.. then time ktorang kua bdk laki dah tgglkan ktorang !! jahat !! suddenly jmpe kat brands outlet .. ktorang smue wat boddoxx jexx !! padan mukexx drng !! tgll kan ladies lg !! :P padan muke !! then balek !! happy+bexx+enjoy+everything= REALLY BEXX !! EVEN PENAT !! :D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

this Is ThE dAY !! ;D

Holla !! ;D i feel like im da one person in da world that is veryvery impatiently person !!! coxx i WANNA GO OUT WITH MY BFF !! :D me,wanni,dbah,alin n mur other frenxx !! our plan was like this; firstly, we will go to movie then go to lunch,bowling n window shopping !! i can't wait anymur !! :D
 n 2day to,, i will use my new vanilla perfume n new FLIPPER (red+black colour) but da sad thing is,, i lost my purse .. n in my purse have many kind of private stuff !!! shit !! but, its okk .. juxx be relax.. relax girl .. so,, later dun kabotkabot ok ?? hahahahh !! its nice to be smile girl !! :D

                                           OKK !! BYEBYE !! ;D


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

why u r soo BANGANG ??!!

Holla !! x'tremely stress rite now.. coxx da dumb internet.. whole world internet is slow rite now cox japan eathquake n tsunami.. very pitiful n deep simpathy to them .. n what to do ??n this show that da powerful of Allah s.w.t .. so now juz be a patiently person.. even we all angry,, but,, we cant do nothing ..
                                                            GOODBYE !! :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CICAK !! :o

                                                          ALL COXX OF U !! :p

 ALL COXX OF U !! coxx of u lizards !! da story was like this;

                       I nak msk then nak lah amek bowl kat dlm cabinet ... then,, time bkk cabinet klua cicak !! org pown  screaming arhhh !! then die lari !! n i was like " owhh !! tqx god !! im still alive !!" hahahha !! like xx mrepekxx ann ?! ahha !! jux cicak !! bkn nye buaye !! damn !! hahaha !!

                              okk !! GTG !! -byebye- 


                                                                       stress !! :P

   Very-very stress rite now !! coxx of examination !! DAMN !! sejarah pnye lah SHORMART !! sejarah form1 tp, ade sesetgh soalan standard5 pnye !! mmg lah org kte senang !! but, MNE LARHH INGT !! SENGAL TOLL LAXX !! so now, tgh fikir camne arhh paper tuhh !! DAH LAH CKGU AZMAN !! ARHHHHHHH !! SUMPAH STRESS RITE NOW !! dah lah smalam inject !! then, pg td still ade rse sakit die !! damn !! n td wktu nak start exem kh, natasha lim kene rasok lakk !! cyan die !! but, bkn rasok yg cam histeria tuhh lahh !! juxx like pandang org smacam n moody then faint !! kat tangge lakk tuhh !! luckily ade frenxx die !! bleyhh lahh dukong !! n b4 paper sejarah, teacher ask me to sit at da back !! all coxx of ATHIR !! ARGHHH !! DAMN !! plus, sbelah si badot !! but, luckily ckgu srohh die dok kat tmpt zarith !!so, xlah kacau sgt !! :/ time dah nak abexx, exam, ckgu tnye, spe loom siap ?! then badot angkat tgn !!! smue cam ahahhahahaha !! BADOT NIEHH LEMBAP ARHHH !! ahhahahahah !! okk !! bell pown dah bnyi !!smue dah blek !! so,cam biase arhh !! tggu dbah n fatin.. then blek okk !! byebye !! :D
                  NOW, I WANT TO SAY BYEBYE TO U LAK !! AHHAHA !! -BYEBYE- :D 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


HEY !! WE MEET AGAIN !! TODAY, we meet n now, lets starts da story.. actually, i dunno what to do !! even TOMORROW EXAM !! im here jus wanna tell u about my heart,my soul,my life,n my signs of love ..

       first; The shortest word that i know is "I" 
             The sweetest word that i know is "LOVE"
               The person that i need is "YOU" 
                  N the full word is; ILOVEYOU !! ♥♥♥
                   LOVING YOU !! :D

       third; Thank you for your unquestioning love that 

                makes every day SPECIAL !!

       fourth; May the love we feel today grow ever stronger
                     as the years pass ..

       fifth; Please love me in spite of my failings
                 as i shall always love you.. 

       sixth; I will support you in everything you do 
                     in success or failure...
       seventh; We shall find peace where we can
                    and strive for calmness..  

       eighth; I vow never to cause you deliberate hurt
                   and hope you will do the same.. :)

       ninth; I will be faithful in my hearts 
                        and in my actions.. 

       tenth; Let us be alone in our love, but never 
                   cut ourselves off from the world..

        eleventh; do not let those who are jealous
                    of our love attempt to break
                             us apart !!        

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


hey !! the class was awesome !! i♥1GEMILANG !! SOOOOOOOOO MUCHIE !!me,wanni,dayang,naqiah,danie,zarith,john,n ammar playing true o' dare .. n its extremely fun !! :D john smpi menanges coz gellakxx pnye psl !! hahahahah !!then wanni pnye time lak.. wanni choosed dare n zarith sroh die cmpk bola @bdk singappore tuhh n wanni pown amek lah bola yg zarith wat tuhh tettibe bola tuhh jatoh @groundfloor n zarith troz cam org bankrup !! hahaha !!time dannie kene plakxx lg bezz !! coz,die kenekan bdk SINGAPPORE TUHH !! danie plak dgr ckp zarith cam bengongxx ehh !! pfft !! die herretxx bdk tuhh n tettibe bdk tuhh pnye bahu trkene bucu meje n then die nangexx !! :'( n zarith lg wat diehh nangexx !! ckgu pown dah smpi ape aggyhh !! blahh ahh smuee !! klamkabot abexx jexx !! :P suddenly,bdk tuhh pegyhh bg taw ckgu but die cover ktorang lah @the first !! die ckp die jth coz maen bola smalam then ckgu mntk tlg john tlg anta die @pejabat..john pown appe aggyhh !! die kan suke kuaa class !! john pown teman lah die.. pastu ble ayh bdk tuhh dah smpi die ckp @pn.raja yg danie wat dierhh..then name danie lak yg kene pggl but xkene pappe lahh !! juz kene pggl ngan kaunseling but 2morrow morning.. okk settle !! smuee blek class then john lak wat hal @kaypoh n waNNi !! die ckp yg drng kene pggl jugak esk !! so wanni n naqiah dah klabah gilerxx thp gabban !! drng pown ckp lah yg"weyh,aku xwat pappe lah !! ape juz dok diam jerw !!juz baling bola jerxx !! tuhh pown bola kertas taw !! x saketxx lgsg !!" time drng dah glabah gilerxx baru john ckp"weyh,krng nak tau 1 bnde x ?? krng sbenarnye TERKONO !!" hahahhahaha !! wanni n naqiah gerram giler @die !! then die mntk maaaf n ckp "weyh,nak rm1 ??" wanni pown bg arhh !! cam pfft !! -,-' then smue blek  !! okk thats all !! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

schOOl !!

Heyy !! its about 1 week kte cuti n now lets start the noise !!hahha .. td semue cam ahhh !! omg !! wani dah puteh  !! n bising2 lah .. then wktu nak naek class ckgu ckp yg ary niehh kene inject cancer serviks .. all likes :O .. nonononono ... npe ckgu xbg tau merepekx kowtt ..then naek class,,blajar cam biase cume byk ahh ckgu x msk class .. so,cam okklah.. all the gurlz talk loudly lahh ..n the boys g klua merayap merate alam .. then rehat n naeks ats blks.. pastu tettibe danie ckp yg 1g kene jap g ..n the gurlz pown ape agyhh .. start lah PANIC ..okk ktorang turun .. n wktu dctr check tuhh,,tettibe dctr tuhh ckp "owhh,,adek demam ehh ?? so, xleh inject lahh ..kte postpone " so,cam omg im soo glad to be NURIZZAHNAZUHA .. hahah !! but POSTPONE !! -,-'
pape jerw .. lps kene inject wani n dyg lah cam saket giler n tgn drng cam cramp lahh n whatever lahh .. n wktu ktorang maen true o' dare,,tettibe dyg kene pggl ngan ckgu kaunseling with darwish n shania ..
okk ktorang pown start lahh maen game blek .. pastu ckgu bm dtg,,then ktorang ckp"ckgu,,ary niehh xde bm".. so,okk !! ckgu ckp"juz nak bg jadual tokk esk jerw " hahha !! :D sumthing like funny rite ??  pastu lme2 dyg dah blk .. ktorang tnye nape ? then dyg ckp lah yg ade bdk ckp die kene peras ugot .. pdhal x pown !! -,-
after that,the gurlz start the GOSSIP again .. hahhaha !! :D the gossip bloom hbes agy,,tp nak wat cam ne dah kene blk .. ishishish .. so,blk lahh.. org blk ngan wani,nabilla n' adibah.. tettibe, wktu ktorang jln tuhh ,die(dbah),trsrempak ngan $****1 ..dbah cam :O :O .. smpi blk die :D .. pape je lah .. n semue dah blk,tggl me n' nabilah jer .. suddenly,ade kete dekat ngan ktorang.. ktorang unn cam apehal lah die niehh .. then,,nmpk fadhli(bf nabila).. die driver .. die nak jmpe nabila but nabila x nak !! so,what to do ?? fadh pown g lahh .. :( nabilah pown dah blk ..tggl i srng .. :( about,,15min. later,,my father unn sampai.. so,thats all for today!!GTG!! bye !! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

FaMiLy DaYs OuT !! :D

The day was awesome !!Yesterday,my family and i go to shopping @IKEA n THE CURVE .. that was great idea to release our TENSION ..hahahha .. :D
Today,we go to amp park n pavi .. @amp park i didn't buy anything but @ pavi i juz buy some cupcakes ..
N now fever is attacking me .. :/ pity me coz tomorrow the school is starting .. :`(