Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gud nyte with tears; Gud murning with fake smile

Hey ! From da title i know u must think im sad.. Yaa actually.. So can u plixx feel sorry fer me ?? Of course u can.. Ngee !! :DD jk.. Fyi,,everything here was a true story..idunn have many time to make up a story.. So believe me.. N yaa every nyte i close my small eyes with tears drops.. N open it with a veryvery fake smile n happiness.. No budy know that actually im hurting..coxx of that fake smile.. Wanna say bunch of tqxx to my veryvery 'beautiful'fake smile.. :P okk.. Mybe thats all fer today.. C u ltr.. Nyte.. P/s; dun close ur beautiful eyes with tears drops k ?? But with a truly smile.. :))

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