Friday, April 15, 2011


sorry coxx a long time not update.. actually i have a lot of problem .. n all that coxx of LOVE.. i know what u were thinking.. u must thinking that i have a boyfie. yaa but that was before this laa.. in fact everyone was thinking the bad thing.. actually love is juxx not fer boyfie/girlfie.. but,, fer everyone.. i luv u too.. coxx willing to spend ur time to read this kind of junk !! we can share it with everyone..anyone.. juxx pick it..whether u want it or not.. lately,, i was do sumthing damn in my sweety 2011.. from last yr i was like alone.. n thinking from that second I WAS A FOREVER ALONE LIL GIRL.. but not till 14-01-11.. KIMIZ 140111 till 310311..
it was a sweet num ryte? haha.. n now it juxx a MEMORY TO REMEMBER..sumtimes when i think back the memory,, i was happy but then i was crying coxx thinking how happy u r now.. with alyssa..wanna say congrats to them.. AMMARALYSSA.. hope longer than kimiz o forever.. hope so..stop talking about them!! it makes me mur hurt.. but this fer da girl out there;
 N THATS WHY LOVE IS EVERYTHING.. EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD NEEDS LOVE.. coxx love can wake up us from bed, recover our sickness BUT sumtimes love is poison.. love too can make us moody,weak,angau n many kind of that..

            *sum love is positive n sum love is negative..*

n this from my sis,TISYA ANWAR.. 

                       Girl,always remember this;
                                         when u break up with sumone,, there must be waiting.. so,dun feel sad o' blame ur self about this damn stupido thing.. ALWAYS STRONG !! juxx face da world n go on with da life.. in this earth,,ALLAH created a lot of people..u only need to choose which one u want
n as long as he/she is suitable with u.. one mur thing!!
          Girl,, dun be sad,, be happy n let it go.. juxx let him go with his love even ur love is still flowing fer him.. dun show off ur jealous but show ur happiness *even it was a fake* ONLY THAT !!

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